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Rubber Sleep Police
Rubber Sleep Police
Rubber Sleep Police
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Rubber Sleep Police
Cahaya Sakti Perkasa is a Trading Company that supplies various types of industrial needs in several industrial areas in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia. Our main products include Rubber Engineering and Industrial, Product Conveyor, Rubber Bumper, Rubber Wheel and Roll, Rubber Extruder, Rubber Molded, Rubber Flooring, Sponge EVA Product, and various types of Rubber Products as well as Plastic Engineering Products. We serve various industries that use rubber and plastic products in their production processes including the electronics industry, automotive industry, food industry, mining industry, palm oil processing industry, and so on. Standing with the vision of providing the best in quality and service, we provide attractive prices with quality and satisfying delivery services. We also open call center services to help meet your industrial needs. Welcome to visit our page and get the items you need here.

Rubber Speed ​​Hump

Roadway Safety

Rubber Speed ​​Bump is used to control vehicle speed with the speed of a bump or hump speed is the most effective method to improve the security of parking lots, roads or private lanes. High visibility speed bumps / bumps and signs are the best way to communicate with drivers to keep their speed to a minimum.

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