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Polyethylene PE FOAM
Polyethylene PE FOAM
Polyethylene PE FOAM
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Polyethylene PE FOAMPE Foam (Roll) is a polyethylene material that has been extruded to form foam. We sell PE FOAM Roll in various sizes and thicknesses, which can provide resistance to scratches and impact and are waterproof.PE Foam Roll, PE Foam in the form of rolls, which have a length of up to hundreds of meters, suitable for wrapping large-sized goods, other plastic raw materials.PE Foam can be applied as:
Foam Packing for automotive spare parts
Foam Packing for household and electronic equipment
PE Foam Packing for ceramics and glassware
PE Foam Packing Protects shipments during distribution
Padding for bags, footwear (shoes / sandals), etc.We also serve other plastic goods

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