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Styrofoam Sheet
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Specification of Styrofoam Sheet

Styrofoam House

Cahaya Sakti Perkasa sell, Styrofoam panel is a kind of foam board sheet made of foam material. Previously Styrofoam is more widely used in fishing boats as a box of fish storage and in the community more often found as food wrappers.
Styrofoam panel is a pretty good invention as an alternative use of materials in buildings. With research and development of this panel technology can condition the indoor temperature. Styrofoam Panel is made with material with resistance to heat so that it can reduce the conductivity of heat from outside entering into the room covered.

Styrofoam Panel Usage Function:
Styrofoam Panel is an insulator that can be used to:

Building Walls
Floor Coatings
Roof Building
Artistic indoors
Advantages of Usage:

As the construction, Styrofoam is a sealed panel where the air permeate is very small where the material can stabilize the room temperature conditions, which can reduce the hot or cold temperatures can be retained by this panel, which can reduce the cost for heating or to cool the room temperature.
In terms of installation, installation of this panel is very easy so no need to provide a large installation fee. The panel sheets have been fabricated with join sitim, so for installation will take an easier time.
Each sheet has a thickness of 2-15 cm, so to lift the material per sheet is not too difficult.
This sheet of panel can withstand wind power up to 140 m / hr.
With the use of this panel is expected to reduce the use of wood as a building wall that will help the concept of environmentally friendly buildings.
This panel also helps for energy efficiency, panels intended for roofing, panels coated with stainless steel that are resistant to corrosion for 20 years. So that will reduce the material change faster.
Styrofoam panels have an important and different role in usage which can be used as artistic material and carving on the walls of the house.
Styrofoam is a material that is easily cut and shaped because it has a unique composition; when cut can be crushed and broken easily. By using a heated wire, styrofoam panels can be cut with more satisfying results, which will reduce damage and wasted materials.

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